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Finding AI that is right for you


Detectica helps organizations integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions into their overall business strategy.


Instead of settling for pre-packaged software, receive a personalized strategy that’s tailored for your business.

Detectica was named the AI Company of the Year

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What We Do

We help firms develop AI & Data Science Strategies, based on decades of experience working with small to large startups and Fortune 500 companies.


We help you invest wisely in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science.


How we can help you

Your business is unique.  We can help you leverage complete AI Solutions as well as AI Strategies and Tactics that fit your particular needs:

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AI Solutions

Connect your expertise with your firm’s emails, chats, human resources data, trades, current news, outside knowledge, and unique Detectica-derived insight.

Detectica enables effective surveillance with the most effective AI available.

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AI Strategies & Tactics

AI solutions require strategic alignment at a high level. Including the allocation of complementary investments in data, staff, systems, and often employee education.

We provide a suite of services to help firms invest wisely in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

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