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Case Driven Surveillance

Use Detectica to analyze evidence from across your firm’s data sources, all in a single case view.

Your analysts can finally ditch their personal data spreadsheets, time-consuming data requests and phone calls to other departments, and hand-written notebooks. 

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How It Works

While analysts work, the Detectica system learns and assists, so surveillance within your firm becomes smarter and more accurate over time.

Investigations initiated by:

Detectica then:

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through Alerts

Our models run over data including employee information, emails, and chats, to generate a feed of cases for your analysts to review.

Cases are stacked in priority order and thresholds can be custom-tuned to ensure your review process matches your compliance commitments.

Detectica generates cases for review:

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Analyzes many related events

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Helps you find unknown unknowns

Supports actual determination of suspicious activity

…and complements legacy systems which only:

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on Emerging Trends

Follow-up current events, new regulatory requirements, or just an intelligent hunch with our investigation mode. Analysts can gather evidence into a custom case, create new forms of evidence, and tag the case for follow-up.

The Detectica system:

Intuitive Product Design
for Daily Compliance

Detectica’s modern product is built hand-in-hand with product users.

We value an intuitive and empowering product experience for all aspects of compliance surveillance.

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