AI Strategies and Tactics

With only a few exceptions, despite what vendors might claim, we are not at the point where firms can just “buy AI” to solve their problems. These tools rarely can be applied effectively by non-specialists, and even more importantly, their use often requires changes to firm processes and practices.

AI solutions require strategic alignment at a high level, including the allocation of complementary investments in data, staff, systems, and often employee education.

How we can help your business:

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We help firms develop AI & Data Science Strategy, based on decades of experience with companies from startups to some of the largest companies in the world, in Finance, Telecommunications, Technology, Advertising, and other areas.
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We help firms to develop pilot projects, to truly understand the potential for AI investments, before sinking a large investment in a bad idea. This is especially vital for projects based on machine learning, as often one cannot assess ROI without some exploration of what, if anything, there is to “learn” in the data.

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We help firms to develop systems, based on the results of pilot studies. In the extreme, we develop the systems for the firms, or offer a ready-made solution, but whether this is the right path requires substantial analysis.

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We help firms to educate themselves about AI, machine learning, and data science. We have extensive experience both educating the business side and the technical side — two very different educational tasks.

We employ some of the world’s best AI/DS educators and educational content creators.


Data Science Teams

We help firms to build their in-house AI/Data Science teams.

This currently is one of the most difficult parts of creating and maintaining effective AI solutions, for two reasons: 

Top-notch AI/data science talent is scarce and in high demand. But there are tactics to increase your firm’s attractiveness.

There is a catch-22 in AI/DS hiring. You need a certain level of understanding of AI/DS in order to even evaluate AI/DS talent, as well as to attract and retain. (AI/DS professionals are notoriously wary of working for businesses who do not seem to truly understand what they do.) 

We have built award-winning AI/Data Science teams for several organizations, and have one of the broadest networks of AI/Data Science professionals worldwide.

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