Know what you didn't know.

The Detectica system empower investigators from Compliance, Legal and HR to collect and analyze evidence of employee misconduct within the firm, synthesizing electronic communications and other employee data.

Detectica deploys rapidly over internally monitored employee data and assists the investigator in uncovering regulatory and policy violations within the firm and responding to legal requests. The system reduces the risk of missing unknown bad behavior, and reduces the burden of dealing with false alarms.


Our team includes some of the top data science and machine learning experts in the country, who understand how to apply their knowledge to the development of commercial systems.  As top researchers, our team members also contribute to, learn from, and implement the biggest advancements in the industry. We are also a rock-solid development team whose priority is to deliver a top-of-the-line product experience to users.

We are proud to be a graduate of the 2017 FinTech Innovation Lab. Click here to read the press release.