Use Detectica to analyze evidence from across your firm’s data sources, all in a single case view. Your analysts can finally ditch their personal data spreadsheets, time-consuming data requests and phone calls to other departments, and hand-written notebooks. Our cases can capture and aid investigation on current and historic behaviors. While analysts work, the Detectica system learns and assists, so surveillance within your firm becomes smarter and more accurate over time.


Detectica investigations initiated by:

  1. An internal trigger/alert
  2. An external trigger/alert
  3. An investigator’s hypothesis
  4. Email review requirements, including:
  • Supervised Person monitoring
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • 206(4)-7 Annual Review prep

Then the system:

  • fleshes out the case with context & related evidence,
  • scores case and explains the key evidential support,
  • observes and aids investigator in processing the case,
  • learns to do better tomorrow